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Altshuler Shaham Benefits
 specializes in Stock Administration and Trust services for Stock-Based Compensation Plans and acts as Paying, Escrow and Withholding Agent in varied transactions in the Israeli high-tech industry. With over a decade of experience A.S Benefits apply professional services to shareholders, service providers, lawyers and senior management, providing a comprehensive range of trust services designed to broaden the role of the trustee in private, public, and global multinational companies listed on any stock exchange around the world. Among other services, we provide a Supervising Trustee Services, including with E*Trade as the global stock administrator and captive broker.


Equity compensation: Altshuler Shaham Benefits* acts as a trustee on behalf of the Israeli Tax Authority, as well as acts as the administrator of equity compensation plans to employees and managers. These services are provided to private companies, public and multinational companies alike listed on any stock exchange.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Altshuler Shaham Benefits* acts as a Paying & Escrow Agent, taking a role in all the operational aspect of a transaction, including working with shareholders, providing tax calculations and withholding tax services as required by the Israeli Tax Authority.


Altshuler Shaham Benefits* services include:

  • Trust services under section 102 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance ("ITO").
  • Administration for IPOs and M&As as Paying & Escrow Agent.
  • Re-organizations under sections 103 and 104 of the ITO.
  • Management of databases through a cloud base web system which can extract Excel reports.
  • Blocking securities under IPOs restrictions.
  • Execution service on all stock markets worldwide including bulk sales, third party brokerage, 10B-5 plans and Rule 144.
  • Establishing trust accounts, clearing and settlement of funds and securities.
  • Customer service available during trading hours.


The client works with an Account Manager who incorporates the entire range of services provided by Altshuler Shaham Benefits, creating a One Stop Shop for the client.


* The services are provided by Altshuler Shaham Trusts Ltd.

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