Our Team

Ronen Solomon, Adv. Founder and CEO

Ronen founded Altshuler Shaham Benefits in 2006. Currently, His active as a CEO, Ronen defines the company’s business development and marketing strategies, and also focuses on providing added value to our portfolio companies based on his vast experience and close relationships with the capital market industry in Israel and abroad.

Dana Brauman Granot, Adv. Deputy CEO

Dana has over 18 years of managerial experience in the area of Stock Based Compensation specializing in global stock administration for global publicly-traded companies, trust services and cross-border M&A transactions. Prior to joining Altshuler Shaham Benefits, Dana acted as the CEO of an Equity Plan Services company, leading a re-organization of the business, focusing on development of world-class technology and innovative products and services for both leading global companies and local start-ups.

Leeyah Barak-Abadi, Adv., VP Professional Affairs

Leeyah has over 10 years of professional experience in planning and drafting equity based compensation plans, obtaining tax rulings from the ITA and specializing in structuring and managing various trust services including complex and high scale transactions and company restructuring. Leeyah worked as a lawyer in one of the top law firms in Israel, M. Firon & Co. and prior to joining Altshuler Shaham Benefits, she led the Global Equity Compensation Consulting Services team at Deloitte Israel.

Roy Fisher, VP Operations & Corporate Services

Roy has over 15 years of extensive management experience in the Stock Based Compensation field, specializing in stock administration and costumer-client services for public, private companies and M&A Transactions. Prior to joining Altshuler Shaham Benefits, Roy served as VP of an Equity Plan Services company, focusing on management and development of Stock Administration, operations and trust services for large scale companies. Roy is a certified Investment Advisor from the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA).

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Email: benefits@altshul.co.il

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