Privacy and Information Security

Privacy and Information Security Policy

For Altshuler Shaham, customer privacy is of the utmost importance. We are aware that this website’s users value their privacy. The following document outlines our information security and privacy policy.

Statistical Information and its use

Altshuler Shaham’s website collects general information about its visitors -such as the number of visitors, the pages they visit, their location and the length of their browsing sessions. We would like to emphasize that the general information about the website’s visitors is intended for statistical processing and to improve the services provided through the website and its content. The information is collected anonymously so as to prevent it from being associated with a particular customer.  

Personal Information - protection and confidentiality

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the modern world and rapidly developing technologies pose, beyond their advantages, several dangers and risks, especially to individuals’ privacy and the integrity of the information thereof. Altshuler Shaham invests considerable efforts and resources in safekeeping and protecting its customers’ privacy, among other things, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and by using advanced information security technologies.

When it comes to private information on the website, our information security measures are intended, inter alia, to verify the identity of customers wishing to access their personal information and encrypt the customers’ information displayed on, and transferred to, the website, using state-of- the-art information security technologies. As a result, before obtaining services that involve the use of personal information, customers are asked to provide personal identification information and to undergo an identification and verification procedure as a precondition for receiving the service.
Communication between a customer's web browser software and the Altshuler Shaham server is encrypted and secure, using encryption methods that comply with the standards used in Israel and abroad over the Internet, with the purpose of preventing exposure of personal information transmitted over the web to foreign parties, thus protecting customers’ privacy. At Altshuler Shaham, we are always up-to- date on the most recent developments in the information technology and information security domains, with the aim of providing our customers with the best possible protection against the illicit use of their information. Nevertheless, using the website entails several risks, including: Cyber attacks, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, software applications, exposure and/or disclosure of information from databases to third parties, phishing, errors, malfunctions, downtime, disclosure and/or change of information by unauthorized parties, etc. Altshuler Shaham and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any of its shareholders and/or employees and/or officeholders shall not be held liable for any damage or loss and/or expense that may be caused to the user in respect of and/or in connection with the use of the website.


Use of identification means and website access

The user's means of identification on the website and/or security measures provided to the user in order to access the website and receive information are personal and confidential, and the user undertakes to keep them confidential and not to disclose them or transfer them to the use of any third party.

Precautions against online fraud

Customers of financial entities are often the target of embezzlement and fraudulent attempts by malicious parties to collect sensitive information in order to obtain unauthorized access to the customers’ accounts or to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers.
For example, collecting sensitive information, inter alia by sending an e-mail to a large number of people, in the hope that some of them are actually customers of a specific organization, who may provide the information they are seeking. Typically, an email message will be similar to a genuine one, featuring the organization’s logo, trust-inspiring wording, text calling for urgent action such as to replace a password or enter other sensitive information.
Following is a list of rules and recommendations that will help you protect the
information you use when surfing Altshuler Shaham’s website:

How do you know you are entering Altshuler Shaham’s secure area:

1. Altshuler does not proactively contact its customers by email in order to update their details or personal data [unless attempting to contact customers whose whereabouts are unknown].
2. The address on the personal area’s login page on Altshuler Shaham’s website contains the letters “https” (with "s" at the end), which indicates encrypted communication (unlike http).
3. Click the lock icon on screens requiring customer identification. The lock appears in the bar at the bottom of the browser (which appears at the top).
4. A double click on the lock icon will display a digital certificate confirming the website is Altshuler Shaham’s. Verify that the certificate was indeed issued for Altshuler Shaham and is still valid.

Using your password

1. A user’s identification information is personal and confidential.
2. Avoid openly displaying the password.
3. The password should not be given to anyone, whether in the course of a conversation or through the Internet, even if a caller identifies himself/herself as a representative of Altshuler Shaham.
4. To prevent the file from being stolen by a malicious party, do not save the
password in a file on your computer.

Recommendations for ensuring safe access outside the home

1. Avoid surfing the Altshuler Shaham website from a public computer, such as in an Internet cafe, hotel, public wireless network or other shared
2.  Enter Altshuler Shaham’s URL into the browser and avoid accessing the Website by clicking links or through e-mail messages that may in fact be
common scams known as phishing.
3.  Do not send sensitive information (such as a password or policy number) by email or through websites, including to anyone introducing themselves as
an Altshuler Shaham representative.

Recommendations for ensuring safe access inside the home

1. Make sure you have an antivirus software installed on your computer and/or mobile device and updated on a regular basis to protect against new
2. Use additional software such as firewall or anti-spyware applications, which prevent various spyware programs from penetrating your computer and
collecting information about the computer from which the website is accessed.
3. Save the files in a separate folder protected by encryption software or set a password that protects all files from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Contact Altshuler Shaham

If the website contains incorrect information about you and/or you are aware of an infringement of the privacy of a person and/or you wish to have your name removed from the Company's mailing lists, please contact us at *5054.If you suspect that an illicit action was committed, or an attempt of any kind was made to carry out any action which may constitute a violation of privacy or of the identification mechanism described above, we will be grateful to you for informing us on the matter.


Altshuler Shaham reserves the right to change and update its privacy policy. Such updates will appear on the Website and assume binding force on publication. If you are unsatisfied with any part of this website or this policy, your only available remedy is to discontinue the use of this website. 
Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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