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Altshuler Shaham Investment house was founded in 1990 by Gilad Altshuler and Kalman Shaham, and includes several companies in various fields of finance. The investment house is co-managed by Gilad Altshuler and Ran Shaham. Altshuler Shaham is one of Israel’s leading investment houses.


Gilad Altshuler has been managing investment portfolios since 1990,  specializing in stocks, bonds and options. He currently serves as co-CEO of the company. Having been involved in the capital market since 1971, Kalman Shaham’s extensive experience in the field makes him one of Israel’s most esteemed capital markets professionals. Ran Shaham has been working in the capital market since 1999. He was as an analyst in the Research Department for many years and currently serves as co-CEO of the company.


The investment house manages investment portfolios, provident funds, study funds, pension funds and mutual funds, with NIS 161.12 billion under management, offering additional services such as pension planning, alternative investments, as well as trust and currency services. We believe our main asset to be the thousands of clients who have been placing their trust in us over the years.


The objective of every investment house is to achieve the best returns for its clients over time*. This objective is a serious professional challenge, since all capital market players have the same information at their disposal. At Altshuler Shaham, we chose a unique route - one that combines professionalism and values and is based on unwavering excellence, constant innovation and adaptation to changing market scenarios. We also identify imbalances between the financial alternatives available at any given time and making the right investment decisions at the right time.

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* The above is not to be considered as a commitment by Altshuler Shaham to any specific return on investments.