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Altshuler Shaham Investment House was established in 1990 by Gilad Altshuler and Kalman Shaham and now incorporates a group of companies in various fields of finance.


Altshuler Shaham is co-managed by two CEOs with many years of experience and expertise: Gilad Altshuler, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the capital market and Ran Shaham – with over 20 years’ experience in the capital market. Kalman Shaham has been involved in the capital market since 1971 and his long experience has made him one of the most respected professionals in the field.


Today, the investment house manages some 183 billion shekels for roughly 2.3 million clients and investors and offers its clients a broad range of products and services, including managing investment portfolios, provident funds, study funds, pension funds and mutual funds. Altshuler Shaham also offers supplementary services such as retirement planning, alternative investments, trust services and foreign currency services, which are provided by its incorporated subsidiaries.


Altshuler Shaham stands for responsible, calculated investments, taking a long-term view, combined with flexibility and keeping an open mind. The group’s investment managers act to identify global trends and processes, in order to find attractive investment opportunities. We believe in a unique approach that combines professionalism with values, uncompromising excellence and constant renewal, allowing us to adapt to changing market conditions. The ability to identify trends and respond to actions in the capital market in Israel and worldwide in a timely fashion is the key, in our view, to the long-term results that we achieve*.


At Altshuler Shaham, the client comes first, and clients are the investment house’s primary asset. Therefore, we constantly act to improve our processes and make them more efficient and diversify contact channels for the benefit of our clients. We focus most of our efforts to provide our clients the most professional information tailored to their needs. Client trust is of supreme importance for us, and we constantly work to foster and maintain this trust on a daily basis.


Altshuler Shaham Finances Ltd. is a public company out of the Altshuler Shaham Investment House companies group. The CEO of Altshuler Shaham Finances is Yair Levinstein, who has approximately 28 years’ experience in the capital market. The company was established in 2022 as part of a restructuring effort in which Altshuler Shaham Provident and Pension, which had been registered as a public company and started to be traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2019, became a private company fully owned by Altshuler Shaham Finances. Altshuler Shaham Finances’ key occupation field is long-term saving management, through Altshuler Shaham Provident and Pension, headed by its CEO Anat Knafo Tavor.


In addition, the company is aiming to expand its activity in the real estate investments field, including through establishing a dedicated subsidiary. Alongside this effort, Altshuler Shaham Finances is also acting to establish additional fields of activity, including activities that are synergic with those of Altshuler Shaham Provident and Pension.


Altshuler Shaham Finances Ltd. is controlled by Altshuler Shaham Ltd. and Levinstein Yair Holdings Ltd. The company’s owners have a strong reputation, expertise and rich professional experience spanning decades in the capital market.

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Legal Note:

The above is not to be considered as a commitment by Altshuler Shaham to any specific return on investments. *According to the Pension Savings Service Index for 2019 of the Capital Market Authority.