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Portfolio Management

Altshuler Shaham’s portfolio management advantages are:

Altshuler Shaham follows a unique investment strategy that focuses on long-term vision and maximizing asset potential over time; we target financially sound companies whose shares are highly tradable; and allocate a significant portion of the funds to robust markets around the world to reduce dependence on the Israeli market’s volatility. Altshuler Shaham has a team of seasoned, skilled investment portfolio managers, analysts and traders - all of whom have been with the company for many years. The team, led by Gilad Altshuler, has the right expertise and experience required to succeed in volatile markets.

Follow your portfolio online, in real time:

You can view all the transactions in your managed portfolio at any given moment, on your personalized and secure area on the Altshuler Shaham website, where you can also view the transactions carried out at various time frames to get a snapshot of what is going on in your portfolio at any given time. You will also get a quarterly report summarizing all the portfolio’s transactions.

Portfolio Management needs to go to the experts - and your money stays in your bank account: If you have available funds and wish to invest it for maximum returns, portfolio management is a recommended solution*.

What type of investment portfolio is right for you?*

Altshuler Shaham offers a range of investment tracks

Personalized Service

The process for identifying the right portfolio for you
  1. Getting to know you

    We will start by calling you to schedule a no-strings-attached meeting at a location of your choice, with a professional, experienced representative licensed by the Israel Securities Authority. In the meeting, we will learn about your financial needs and plans and offer you a tailored-made solution.

  2. Portfolio management

    After signing an agreement, we will prepare you a highly diversified investment portfolio, to mitigate risk. Over time, we will adjust the portfolio according to market changes. As part of our out-of-the-box approach, we will not hesitate to work against trends to accommodate our professional standards.

  3. Long-term view

    Our main objective is to maximize your returns over time. In the short-term, markets are sensitive to fluctuations as a result of unexpected events, but our investment policy focuses on long-term trends. Our personal relationships with our customer is key to a long-term perspective.

Contact with an agent

Responsible and well-calculated investment policy

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  • Long-term view

    We focus on identifying attractive investment opportunities and holding onto them until their potential is exhausted. Thus, we often make moves which are not necessarily in line with the prevailing market trend, under the assumption that these moves will bear long term fruits*.

  • Wide investment diversification

    At Altshuler Shaham, we don’t focus solely on Israeli securities, but rather allocate a significant portion of our investments to overseas markets as well. This strategy mitigates risk and dependence on the Israeli economy’s volatility, expanding our range of investment channels.

  • Focusing on stable, high cash-flow and highly marketable companies

    We focus on financially-robust companies featuring strong and stable cash flows over the years and highly-tradable securities. We believe that these criteria mitigate the risk inherent in investing in such companies and increase the portfolio’s liquidity.

  • Featuring a permanent investment manager team

    Altshuler Shaham has kept its investment manager team intact for many years. This high-quality loyal human capital - under the active management of Gilad Altshuler - helps us maintain and improve our unique investment advantages.





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Legal Note:

* The above does not constitute a commitment to attain excess returns and past returns do not guarantee a similar return in the future. The above does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing which takes into account each person's individual needs.  Altshuler Shaham’s Portfolio Management engages in portfolio management and investment marketing, and not in investment advice. Altshuler Shaham Investment Portfolio Management Ltd. is a company related to Altshuler Shaham Mutual Fund Management Ltd., Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension Ltd., and Altshuler Shaham Insurance Company Ltd., Therefore, the Company has an interest in the mutual funds under the management of Altshuler Shaham Mutual Fund Management Ltd., in the provident funds and pension funds managed by Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension Ltd., and in the insurance policies issued by Altshuler Shaham Insurance Company Ltd. ** Minimum investment amount: $250,000. *** Minimum investment amount - NIS 5 million. This type of investment portfolio is not managed according to the regular investment tracks offered to the Company's customers according to their needs.