Pension Funds

Pension Funds

Altshuler Shaham Pension Fund – the Chosen Pension

The Altshuler Shaham comprehensive pension fund has won a competitive process conducted by the Capital Market Authority as the chosen pension fund.  The Altshuler Shaham Chosen Pension fund gives new joiners the following options:

  1. Reduced management fees of 0.1% of accumulated and 1.49% of monthly deposits, considered considerably lower than the average management fees on the market, for 10 years at least.
  2. Professional and responsible investment management from the market leaders.
  3. Professional customer service and personal approach to every saver.
  4. Easy and convenient digital joining process, without underwriting or health declaration.


It is impossible to predict the future, but you can certainly prepare for it. So even if retirement seems far away, it’s a good idea to start saving right now, to make sure you have enough money when you retire or in case of an insurance event.

In 2008, the Mandatory Pension Extension Order came into effect, requiring employers to make pension contributions for their employees. The order allows each employee to save towards retirement using a pension fund and/or provident fund. In addition, an amendment to the Supervision of Financial Services Law (Provident Funds), 2005 was passed, according to which any rewards contribution will be designated as a retirement annuity. Placing your pension savings with Altshuler Shaham is a great way for you to enjoy professional management, find a solution to your pension needs and enjoy lawful tax benefits.


Our pension funds:

Altshuler Shaham offers employees, self-employed individuals and employers two types of pension funds: A comprehensive fund which comprises insurance coverage and features seven pension tracks and a general pension fund which allows savers to receive a monthly annuity according to their balance. 

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