Pension Planning

Pension Planning: Preparing for Retirement


Retirement is an important decision point in life, with long-term implications on the family’s sources of income. As with anything that has long-term significance, here too, it is a good idea to carry out a thorough evaluation of the situation and plan ahead.


In recent years, Israel’s pension and financial sectors have undergone significant changes in terms of product structure, ongoing savings methods, the underlying tax issues, using the funds at the right time and accessing relevant information. Many people struggle to make sense of the vast amount of information available to them, to get a true picture of what they can expect and the options available to them, and to choose the most appropriate track for them.


We will be happy to assist you with your pension planning and on retirement, and help you build a retirement plan that reflects your personal needs and preferences, while analyzing the savings structure and the possibilities embodied in the various product regulations and the law.


We offer the following services for pension planning and retirement:

  • Identifying the needs and preferences of each customer and his/her family;
  • Evaluating the customer’s pension and financial portfolio;
  • Mapping out the customer’s post-retirement needs;
  • Preparing a retirement plan that will maximize the pension savings in a manner that is most suited to the customer’s needs and preferences;
  • Establishing how, in what order and when to cash in the customer’s retirement savings.


We also offer the following services:

  • Locating funds through the pension clearing house;
  • Handling tax issues with the Israel Tax Authority;
  • Conducting simulations for the older pension funds;
  • Closely assisting customers for a period of 3-6 months, as needed;
  • Evaluating and locating health and nursing insurance policies;  


Who is this service for?

People aged 50 years or older wishing to examine their pension savings and understand what they can expect in the long term;

People nearing retirement;

People who have retired and wish to optimize their pension savings and maximize the benefits derived from them.


This is a decision of a lifetime that will impact the rest of your life. To schedule a meeting, call us now at +972-73-2099194 or send us an email:


Full disclosure of pension marketing provided by Altshuler Shaham Pension Planning, Pension Insurance Agency Ltd.

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Legal Note:

* The service is provided by Altshuler Shaham Pension Planning Insurance Agency Ltd. * The service is provided for a fee. * The company is related to Altshuler Shaham Investment Portfolio Management Ltd., Altshuler Shaham Mutual Fund Management Ltd., and Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension Ltd. Therefore, the company has interests in investment portfolios managed by Altshuler Shaham Investment Portfolio Management Ltd., the mutual funds managed by Altshuler Shaham Mutual Fund Management Ltd., to the provident funds, study funds and pension funds managed by Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension Ltd. * The above does not constitute a substitute for pension advice and/or marketing adapted to each customer’s needs. * The service is intended solely for guidance purposes and does not guarantee an improvement in income or in the terms and conditions of the pension and/or financial products, with all that this entails. * The offered service is not in lieu of tax advice.