Mutual Funds

 Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a vehicle for joint investment in securities. A mutual fund is managed by a fund manager, with each fund headed by an investment manager, whose role is to manage the fund's assets in accordance with the provisions of the law and the fund's investment policy.


There are various types of mutual funds, which invest in different investment channels, such as stocks or bonds, local or foreign securities, to allow for high asset diversification. An investor in a mutual fund can buy and sell his/her participation units in the fund, on any day it is being traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, allowing for high liquidity.


Another advantage of mutual fund investing is tax deferral^. Investors in tax-exempt mutual funds enjoy tax deferrals until they redeem their fund units ##. In addition, unit holders in eligible mutual funds are usually also exempt from buy and sell fees. When choosing the right fund for you, we recommend that you consider criteria such as the fund manager’s reputation and experience, the fund investment managers’ turnover rate and, of course, the fund's performance over time^^.


Altshuler Shaham Mutual Funds Management Ltd. offers the public a wide range of mutual funds tailored to all types of investors and their investment criteria. The company has gained considerable experience and, we believe, has had proven results in managing mutual funds over time. We believe this is due to our ability to combine various investment channels using a professional, careful and responsible approach with a proper measure of boldness and a knack for identifying opportunities^^. Altshuler Shaham's mutual fund family is divided into 11 groups.

To purchase the company's mutual funds, contact the bank's investment advisor*

Altshuler Shaham Mutual funds manager LTD is the representative of BlackRock and Ishares in Israel. For purchase of fund units please contact an investment advisor at your bank. For details on BlackRock and Ishares Funds please visit BlackRock Israel website here >>

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Legal Note:

^The foregoing does not constitute tax advice. ## Depending on its investment policy, a fund may be required to pay tax in respect of income and profits from securities abroad, in addition to the capital gains tax payable by unit holders on redemption of his/her units. ^^ The foregoing does not constitute guarantee for achieving any return. • The foregoing does not constitute a commitment to achieve excess returns.  • The foregoing does not constitute an offer to purchase units in a fund. • Units shall be purchased based solely on the fund prospectuses in effect on the purchase date and on the fund’s immediate reports. • The foregoing does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing which takes into account each investor's individual needs.  • Past ratings and/or returns do not guarantee similar rating and/or returns in the future. • The fund’s name includes the fund's exposure profile to stocks and foreign currencies, as stated in Regulation 1 of the Joint Investments Trust Regulations (Classification of Funds for the Purposes of Publication), 5768-2007.

** Purchases and sales of mutual fund units managed by the fund manager will be made through a stock exchange member only and not through the fund manager. For a list of updated stock exchange members, please visit the stock exchange website >>