Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

Altshuler Shaham Yanshuf (Master) Limited Partnership is a hedge fund that has been operating under the Altshuler Shaham investment house since 2013 (hereinafter - the "Hedge Fund"). The Fund's investment model is based on exposure to a variety of different investment strategies, by allocating the Fund's assets across various portfolio funds (the "Portfolio Funds"), rather than investing directly in securities and financial assets.*


The purpose of the fund is:

To create value  over time, with a relatively low correlation to stock markets, using extensive risk diversification.(*)


Who is the Fund for?

The Fund is offered to qualified investors only, as defined in the First Amendment to the Securities Law, 5728-1968.


Who manages the Fund?

The Hedge Fund is managed by Altshuler Shaham's seasoned professional investment team, which also includes external investment managers with proven experience.


Altshuler Shaham Group’s Portfolio Funds:

Each of the Portfolio Funds uses various investment strategies, according to its area of expertise, such as long/short stocks, long/short bonds, algo-trading, trading in commodities and indices futures, etc.,  as detailed in the various funds’ partnership agreements. Investments in the Portfolio Funds are made by investing in the Hedge Fund and/or directly in one or more of the Portfolio Funds below.


Here are our Portfolio Funds:


netz logo

Altshuler Shaham Netz

The fund is managed by Altshuler Shaham and Itzik Taragan, who was one of Altshuler Shaham’s nostro account manager for the past 20 years.

The purpose of the fund is to create value for investors over time, without correlation to the stock and bonds market. The fund’s aim is to exploit financial market “distortions”. It invests in securities and financial instruments traded in Israel and abroad (mainly in the US and Europe).


In addition, the fund participates in local and global bond and stock issues, conducts arbitrage, long/short transactions between corporate bonds, convertible bonds and shares.

The fund also trades in futures contracts and options.

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Portfolio A

The fund is managed by Altshuler Shaham and Shiran Bulganim. Shiran has 10 years of experience in investment research and management in Israel and the US.

The fund focuses on bonds and preferred stock traded in the US and Canada. It also uses other investment strategies in world markets, such as long, short and long/short, according to the type of asset.

 The purpose of the fund is to produce optimal risk-adjusted returns based on a long-term economic view of investment products, with an emphasis on the risk level embodied in them.


For more information, please contact Yael Gershuni at +972-73-2331798 // +972-54-4250852 or by email - Yaelg@altshul.co.il

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