Our Expertise

Our unique investment philosophy - Altshuler Shaham Investment Portfolio Management Ltd. manages investment portfolios for thousands of clients, including private investors, institutions, private and public companies. To meet the specific requirements of each client, the firm offers a wide range of investment tracks according to each client's needs and the investment policy that is right for them.

To invest responsibly and give our clients the best returns possible*, we use a unique investment strategy based on several key principles:

> Long-term view

> Maintaining a permanent investment manager team

> Wide, global investment diversification

> Focus on stable, high cash-flow and highly marketable companies

Our expertise:

Altshuler Shaham's investment managers, analysts and traders are among the most savvy and experienced in Israel, using advanced systems to acquire information and to execute and monitor trading. Headed by Gilad Altshuler, our investment managers have developed unique expertise in investing in bonds, shares, currencies and commodities in Israel and across the world. The firm's investment portfolio gives significant weight to macro analyses of economic trends and developments in various markets, while investing considerable resources in in-depth analysis of specific securities. Indeed, over the years, Altshuler Shaham has proven its ability to anticipate trends in the bond and stock market and choose the right composition of securities for our clients' portfolios*.

Questions? We are here at your service: Please contact an Altshuler Shaham representative or call *5054 from any phone.

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